The three basic tips for long-term successful sports betting

Betting is not easy, but it is not impossible for it to succeed. According to statistics, long-term profit is only 10% of bettors. Perhaps you are thinking that the blame is demanding betting. This is a mistaken assumption – is mainly to blame the carelessness with which people approach to betting.

Successful punters can happen to anyone. Just when betting you take it seriously and you work on yourself. Studying the strategy, compliance bankroll management, thorough analysis and discipline – these are the ingredients that together constitute success.

In this article, we introduce three basic pillars for long-term successful sports betting. If by posted here is simply a matter of facts, you will be one step closer to success.

1) Understand that you are just a small fish in a big pond

The basic mistake many bettors is that they are overrated. They think they are smarter than the bookies and that bookmaker overnight prepare for huge sums and themselves rich.

You can not think you have any great advantage, just because you think that team A wins that match or fall more than 5 goals. Rate produce very smart people who have access to advanced virtual models. People are losing many reasons, but the main reason is arrogance. They think they have something bookies do not.

You must realize that betting is billions business. Once you realize that you are only a small fish in a big pond, and if you want to succeed, you need to work on yourself, you will be one step closer to success.

2) Avoid constant betting on favorites

Betting on the favorite is encoded in human nature. People think because they have a higher chance of success. A win is always good. Therefore, a lot of people do gamble almost always only favorites. They do not realize however, is that sometimes offers bet on the underdog much better value.

You must remember that your goal is to find the bets with the best value. Betting on favorites but offers good value rather rarely. It always depends on the specific situation.

3) A reasonable bankroll management

Probably the most common reason for the failure of many bettors. Each bet must be seen as a single event. You may not be her emotionally bind. In business emotions are bad. Most bettors unfortunately has no idea about what is proper bankroll management.

Per bet, you should bet more than 5% of your bankroll (ideally more 3%). More information on this topic can be found in our articles Bankroll management for beginners and for advanced Bankroll management.

His bankroll management can also extend thanks to the wide range of bonuses and free bets. These benefits offer virtually every bookmaker. It currently has the most generous offer Sportingbet.

The betting must be approached with a cool head. If you are looking mainly adrenaline, you can not count on the fact that realize a profit.

The most common betting mistakes for novices

1) You do not understand how it works value betting

When planting bettor wants to always get the greatest value (value). There are many ways to calculate value. In this article, but simply look at the value to this concept is easy to understand.

It is very easy to find markets that offer good value.

For example, you can bet at odds of 7.5: 1 that the team advancing from the second Premier League next season will win the Premier League. But that can directly burn your money.

Or you can also bet with odds of 1.25: 1 that Manchester United in season 2013/14 defend the championship title. It’s a good value bet? If you bet € 10 in case of winning collects € 12.50. Manchester United has a strong team that has a chance to retain primacy and next season, however, treading on the heels of his teams like Manchester City, Chelsea or Arsenal, so this bet also offer good value.

A better bet would be, for example, tip the odds of 3.5: 1 that in the 2013/14 season is over Tottenham in fourth place. If you bet € 10 in case of winning collects € 35, which already represents a nice value.

(Prior to bet on any such betting opportunity but of course you have to go through various statistics to see what the teams brought reinforcements etc.)

2) In addition to betting you can play too blackjack, slots or poker

Most bookmakers betting in addition also offers a casino. This is probably the biggest disaster novice and experienced bettors. Remember that you should just focus on betting as blackjack or poker machines in most cases only lose money. In Slots Casino has a relatively large edge (advantage that in the long run on players earning), Blackjack casino edge is considerably lower, however blackjack you should play only when you really understand this game.

The same applies to poker. Each casino has a wide variety of sharks = people who specialize on poker and often profit from the very festive player like are starting punters. They want to try poker, but for which quite often pay dearly.

3) Practice bad bankroll managment

Bankroll managment is the foundation of success. More information on this topic can be found in Articles Bankroll managment for beginners and for advanced Bankroll managment. The most common mistake bettors are betting larger amounts than they can afford.

4) You’re letting the emotions control

Emotions are betting wrong. Remember this. Countless soccer battery was flying into the trash because the tipster gave ticket to their favorite team. Just like that, without any analysis … Therefore, if you do not have really any rational reason to bet on your favorite team, you should not bet on it.

There are other cases controlling emotions. For example, betting when you’re angry, sad, etc. All of these situations have one thing in common – you should avoid them like the plague. Becoming a successful bookmaker is difficult enough in itself, let alone even if you leave yourself to control your emotions and do not think rationally.

Anything can happen. The referee can make a mistake and gives filmed penalty, one of the teams can defend all the time and then score a happy (winning) goal – all this is happening regularly. You should create an emotional barrier and all such things ignore.

The ideal procedure is based betting account now for several bookmakers. This allows you to quickly and easily find out which sportsbook offers to match your particular selected the best course and then you bet. Identify a suitable bookmakers can, for example, from our list of Verified bookmakers.

There is no earthly reason why not make it a bit of work and not to seek the best course offered. Betting in this respect is similar to shopping – shopping when you are trying to buy the object at the best possible price. When planting, you want the best possible conditions bet.